When you think about stripping away belly fat and achieving that coveted washboard look, you may think of magazine cover models and pro body-builders. You may also think of expensive supplements and training regimens so strict they would violate most labor laws.

Shredding that stubborn roll around your middle, you assume, is the exclusive property of athletes, the genetically gifted and those who can afford their own full-time personal trainer and head chef


Would you like to know the best secrets and strategies plus fool-proof blueprints designed to seek out and destroy the fat around your middle? No supplements, no ab-gadgets, no hype, just proven diet and exercise principles that work.

The fact is, no matter how big your belly or how many times you've tried to lose it, you can whittle down your waistline and achieve all of the glory that goes along with it - attention from the opposite sex, clothes that fit, health, vitality and yes, going shirtless at the beach!

The Essential Ingredients To Lose Stomach Fat For Men!

It all starts here with the flat-belly equation. A trifecta of essential ingredients, which on their own aren't all that surprising, but when combined create a metabolic firestorm that will flatten your belly, improve your health & build lean-muscle in record time. Below we've distilled each of these ingredients into practical, easy-to-use principles that you can apply today! It's simple. Follow our action plan and that spare tyre won't stand a chance! To kick things off, we've tackled the two biggest pitfalls for flat belly success. Take heed and never let them stand in your way again!

Hit or Myth - Separating Fat-Busting Fact From Flabby Fiction!

If you listened to all the flawed advice out there to lose belly fat and reveal your abs you'd be popping every diet pill & doing upside-down crunches until you passed out. Here's the absolute truth.

The Big Fat Lies That Stop Men Losing Stomach Fat

Crunches Burn Belly Fat - MYTH

FACT: There is no single best exercise to burn off your belly and usher in your abs, least of all the crunch or sit-up. Not only do they sabotage your belly-busting efforts, they violate the body's unwritten rules for effective and permanent fat loss results. So until you've demolished your gut, consider your workouts a crunch-free zone.

THE REALITY: When you exercise, your body burns blubber uniformly, not a from the targeted trouble spot over your stomach. So instead of peeling out dozens of crunches, your priority should be on decreasing your total body fat percentage - we show you the most effective strategies below!

Eat Less To Lose More - MYTH!

Starving yourself may cause quick weight loss at first - but fasting actually decreases the activity of the enzymes that release fat from the cells. In short, the less you eat, the more stubborn that spare tyre becomes.

But this doesn't give you ticket to splurge on junk. A food quality restriction is in effect. Think of your body the way you gas up your car. Fill it with the wrong fuel or let your tank run too low and your body will have no choice but to throttle back your fat-burning motor (known as your metabolism). THE FIX: Keep your tank topped with a steady influx of small-healthy meals - you'll stoke your metabolism and build a body that burns fat on autopilot.

No Gut, All Glory With Interval Training!

Be The Cardio-King And Accelerate Your Results!Your life is ruled by the clock. So you need to find a way of eradicating your belly in the time at your disposal. How does this sound? A cardio workout that takes you to the limits of your fat-burning capacity in half your normal workout time.

Welcome to the world of interval training, a turbocharged training style that ditches long, boring cardio, in favour of short, sharp high-intensity bursts of activity paired with intermittent periods of active recovery.

THE PAYOFF: Not only will you shave minutes of your workout, you'll unleash a killer blow to your belly with a bout of extended post oxygen consumption (EPOC) where your metabolism continues to run in high-gear long after your workout's over.

THE RESULT: you'll burn more fat and continue to do so while you chill-out! Better yet, you can tap into these benefits any way you want - running, swimming, cycling, rowing, boxing, skipping - whatever your style.

INTERVAL TRAINING EXAMPLE PROGRAM USING SPRINTS: Sprint for 15 seconds (near max effort) then ease back to a slow jog for 30 seconds. Continue in this high-low intensity pattern for 5 minutes before taking a break for 3 minutes. Repeat this entire process 3-4 times. Regardless of your activity, the key here is to alternate high-intensity bursts of activity (anywhere from 5 - 30 seconds) with low-intensity 'active recovery' periods. Start with a work-rest ratio of 1:2 (i.e. 15 seconds max efforts, 30 seconds active recovery) before experimenting and moving on to more advanced combinations.

Fast Fix: There's more to burning off your belly than wearing out your runners. Sitting for long periods - think desk work and sat in front of your TV - switches off an enzyme (lipase) that prevents fat storage. So if you aren't active, it doesn't function.

Fast Fix: Take regular standing breaks and increase your daily activity levels. Take the stairs, swap your car for pedal power and stretch regularly. The more you move, the more you stand to lose!

Automatic Abs! Unleash Your Natural Fat Burners To Lose Stomach Fat Fast!

Muscle Power For Flat Belly Success! Losing belly fat isn't easy, but building muscle while you burn the calories will increase the rate at which your body breaks down (metabolises) fat over the short-term and long-term, making it quicker and easier to get shot of that spare tyre. What's more, pumping iron will help you alter your overall body composition, giving the impression you've exchanged flab for lean muscle.

When it comes to managing your middle with weights, there are two key areas to consider, building up your abdominal muscles & shredding the layer of fat covering them. We've got the skinny on each below.

Blow-Torch Body Fat!

Abs don't start showing when you build them; they show when you've built all the muscles in your body and cut the fat around your midsection.

THE KEY: Your muscles don't just sit there and do nothing, they're metabolically active and cost energy in the form of calories to build and maintain. To strip away belly fat and rev your metabolism, your goal in the gym should be to engage as much of this fat-fighting tissue as possible.

Exercises which 'isolate' small, single muscle groups like the bicep curl, triceps extension, leg extension/curl and variations of the crunch don't make the cut here. Instead, build your routine around large multi-muscle moves like the squat, chin-up, push-up, bent-over row, lunge, bench press, dead lift, shoulder press, lat-pull-down, seated row and upright row. You'll finish faster, burn more calories both during and after your workout and release a flood of muscle-building hormones, helping you slim down faster.

Discover The Best Moves To Lose Stomach Fat For Men

Fast Fix! SUPERCHARGE YOUR FAT LOSS: Your body comes fully equipped with its own fat-burning generators. They're called mitochondria and function as microscopic powerplants that turn nutrients, including fat, into fuel for your muscle cells - and your workouts can crank them up. The more intensely you exercise, the more mitochondria you bring online.

A great way to crank up the sweat-factor in your workouts is to ditch the traditional 1-2 minute rest between exercises with circuit training. Do this by stringing your multi-muscle moves together and perform a single set of each exercise back-to-back until you arrive back at your starting point. Repeat this cycle 3-4 times, then finish with a cardio interval session and start looking forward to the beach!

Sculpt Your Six-Pack!

Once you've cut your total body fat to approximately 13% and can see your abs it's time to sculpt and strengthen your core. The most effective way to do this isn't with traditional sit-ups. It's with exercises that require spinal alignment and steadiness, such as variations of the plank and movements which force your abdominals to resist motion. Here your abs do all the work to keep you stabilised and lower your risk of back injury. Do this by using heavy multi-muscle moves like squats and deadlifts and doing the suitcase carry: hold a dumbbell in one hand and walk for increasingly longer distance while maintaining perfect posture.

AB MYTH BUSTED! Core workouts often carry the tag that high-rep workouts add definition and make your abs grow. The reality is your progress will plateau if you do the same exercises, regardless of reps. You need to intensify your workout to teach your abs to stabilise your bodyweight. Add either more-challenging variations of body-weight exercises, unbalanced moves like the single-leg lunge for example, or weighted abdominal exercises once the unweighted versions become too easy.

Fast Fix! MAXIMISE YOUR RECOVERY: Think more work targeting your abs leads to faster, more visible results? Think again. Over-training can quickly de-rail your progress and lead to a flurry of motivation killing symptoms like increased muscle laxity (softness), irritability & injuries.

FAST FIX: Your abs are just like any other muscle in your body and perform at their peak when given sufficient time to rest and replenish. Leaving a minimum 48hr recovery window between training sessions will help you hit the gym refreshed and energized every time.

Kitchen Secrets To Lose Stomach Fat For Men

Fight Fat With Great Food! Sure, fasting might make sense for an obese, sedentary guy, but a bloke who's taming the treadmill and hitting the weights each week needs to be provisioning his body with the right nutrients to support his lard-losing efforts.

All of this starts at the breakfast table. Research has shown that downing a high-fibre breakfast, such as whole-grain cereal before exercise burns twice as much fat. On the flip side, low-fibre refined carbs - think waffles, pancakes and pastries - raise insulin levels which limits your ability to use fat for fuel.

Need a break from cereal? Fill your bowl with energy-sustaining oats. You get slow-digesting carbs to fend of any sleepiness, fibre to keep you feeling fuller for longer & a generous dose of braw-buffing protein to refuel your muscles. Buy the plain variety and flavour them yourself with mixed-berries, cinnamon and honey. Eat right for the rest of the day with these 6 foolproof strategies to manage your midriff.

Lose Stomach Fat For Men With These Bite-Size Pieces of Nutritional Gold!

Fill Up With H20! Ditch the soda. Consider water your new ally in the battle of the bulge. It aids in digestion and boosts your metabolism by up to 30%. Keeping it cold maximises this effect, as your body seeks out and destroys extra fat warming it up before it can be absorbed. To find out how may litres you should drink per day, divide your weight in kilo's by 30. Arm yourself with a water bottle during the day and guzzle at first sight!

Conquer Your Cravings! Craving the sweet stuff? Lusting after lollies and chocolate could indicate you're looking to boost your mood. When your happy chemicals are bottoming out, you need a quick lift. Or it could mean you're just low on energy. Your body absorbs refined sugars of the sweet variety much faster than any other type of food, giving you immediate fuel.

THE FIX: A hit of complex carbohydrates will boost you energy levels for longer without the inevitable blood sugar-crash which leaves you feeling irritable and ravenous. Have a baked potato or some whole-meal toast. Then head-out to the supermarket and stock your pantry with these energy-sustaining, flat-belly power foods. You'll satisfy your appetite, boost your immune system and have energy to burn.

A shopping list of the best foods to help men lose stomach fat

Go Lean With Protein! Maximise your protein fix with lean-meats, fish and low-fat dairy for more muscle and less lard, fast. Aiding in post exercise tissue repair, research has shown that a high-protein will help you lose lard and hold on to muscle. Tuck in and aim for 30% of your daily kilojoules from this source safe in the knowledge that the best cut will be the one around your middle.

Drinking smoothies is a great way to lose stomach fat for menAfter an interval training or weights session at the gym, you need to feed your muscles double-quick. Solid foods can take hours to digest and only release 4-7g of protein per hour. Have a whey protein shake after training. It's the most easily digested protein you can feed your muscles. Add fruits, berries and yoghurt for added flavour and nutrients.

Lose stomach fat for men by eating salads For breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, make plants the centre of your diet. Only 20% of men eat the recommended 5 servings of fruit & vegetables a day. So if your regular meat-to-greens ratio is 70:30, flip it. Salads, flash-sauteed vegetables, raw vegetables dipped in olive oil, whole-fruits, smoothies - diversity is the key to upping your intake, you really can't go overboard.

When it comes to flattening your belly with nutrient-rich body fuel, sticking to any kind of plan is hard work. Occasionally splurging will keep yourself from falling off the wagon without any sense of sacrifice. Go ahead, have a beer or that slice of pizza, just don't over do it!

Discover The Solution To Lose Stomach Fat For Men Below!

IT'S GUT-CHECK TIME! A wobble-free stomach doesn't come in the form of a magic pill or slim-down shake. After all, if it were as easy as marketing companies say, wouldn't we all be sporting a washboard waistline by now? Transforming your midriff from flab to ab requires dedication, effort and an action plan you can and want to stick to over the long term.

This is where Fat Loss Factor - the #1 manual engineered to seek out and destroy the fat around any man's middle - reveals it's power to you. Built using scientifically proven principles that have helped thousands of men conquer their battle of the bulge, consider this industry-leading program your golden ticket to flat-belly success.

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